Friday, January 27, 2012

Week Twenty One- Magnets, States of Matter, Chinese New Year and 100th Day!

We have had a very busy week learning at Big Spring Lake! We also had great news about our DIBELS scores. Our class scored above the 80% classroom goal for ALL sections of the test!! Thanks so much for all your hard work at home to help us get ready for the big day. To celebrate we had a shaving cream party in our room on Wednesday. Most of the kiddos had never done this before so it was a great success! I didn't get any pictures of it because I left my camera at home that day. I did get LOTS of other pictures this week. Check them out below.
We learned that magnets have a north pole and a south pole.

When the matching poles of two magnets come near each other they push each other away. We learned the word for this is repel. The children are wearing colored stickers to represent the poles of a magnet. If they match they push away from each other.

Kaleigha and Deion are showing how like poles push away from each other.

Monday was Chinese New Year. Our local restaurants donated chop sticks and fortune cookies for lunchtime!

Gladis is eating sweet potato fries with chopsticks.

Jeremias likes eating this way!

Eidan seems like he has done this before!

Will is eating a vanilla wafer with his chop sticks.

Hunter and Jordy are using their hands to help the chop sticks!

Jesus is holding on to  the sweet potato fry with his chop sticks and his fingers.

Deion used his chopstick to skewer a vanilla wafer!

Everyone look at Eidan!!

Rebeca, Brissa & Sherlin are not too sure about eating with chop sticks.

Gladis found a way to eat her cookie.

Kaleigha and Anna Beth show us how it is done!

Good Job!

Sabrina and Yesica had a difficult time using chop sticks.

We had a magnet race!

They used the same poles of the magnet to repel the magnets across the floor.

The boys seemed to get the hang of it much easier than the girls.

Hunter was super fast!

Making the magnets move was fun.

This was almost a tie!

Kaleigha had a tough time getting her magnet to move.

Ready to race!

Mrs. Ables got into the action!

Cheering for friends.

One hundred ice cubes in the jar.

Making our 100 items book.

We had ten items on each page.

Helping our friends!

Counting to ten. Ten times!
101 Days of Fun!!

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