Friday, August 26, 2011

Orange Day and the 10th day of school!

Today was orange day. We mixed yellow and red paint together and guess what color we made? You guessed it ORANGE!! We painted a carrot, an orange and a goldfish using our mixed paint. It was lots of fun!

Today was also the 10th day of school. We counted to ten and glued ten apples on the apple tree. We are going to save this work to make a book of one hundred to celebrate the 100th day of school in late January. (or Feb if we have snow days) We will glue ten items on page each 10th day of school until the 100th day. This was a lot of work for the beginning of kindergarten but they did a great job!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Green Day

Blue Table

Green Table

Yellow Table

Red Table
Today we learned about the color green, the shape square, and the letter Dd. We read two books that the kids really liked for green day. The Big Wide Mouth Frog and Go Away Big Green Monster. We practiced our skill using glue by making the characters from the story. In these pictures we are working on our Wide Mouth Frog characters. It was lots of fun!

Below you can see our Wide Mouth Frogs displayed in the hall for everyone to enjoy!

 These are our finished Big Green Monsters on display in the hall!

 Here are a few pictures of our classroom.
This is our classroom door. The caption reads Peace, Love and Kindergarten. 

This is our peacemaker pledge display. Peacemaking is very important in kindergarten!

We have a chart to see who is in school every day. Pink for girls and blue for boys.

Our calendar. We use this to develop many important life application skills.

Our literacy center assignment chart. We complete three centers each day. This makes learning important skills lots of fun!

Question of the day chart. It is a flannel board. Each child has a laminated name card. This activity introduces choices and graphing skills. We practice this activity at least once a week.

The traffic light. This is a visual way to reinforce positive behavior.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Painting!! August 18, 2011

We have been reading the book Brown Bear this week. Today we painted a mural using the sequence of the colors of the story characters. The kiddos had a fun time and they did a great job! Next week we will glue pictures to the mural to match the colors as we begin our study of colors and shapes. 

Finished Product!

Introducing Center Time

We started learning about center time on the second day of school. Everyone learned you have to stay with your group and complete the activity. They all did a great job!!

First Day of Kindergarten- August 15th 2011