Friday, January 6, 2012

Week Eighteen -Welcome Ms. Smith!

Our class welcomed our new student teacher Ms. Stephanie Smith from Athens State this week. She will be with us for seven or eight weeks. We are going to teach her all about kindergarten! 

We also learned all about snow and snowflakes this week. We learned that most snowflakes have six sides and are formed from ice crystals coming together. We used the information I found on my friend Suzan's web site We taught kindergarten together until she "graduated to 3rd grade! She always has such great science ideas. Thanks Suzan! We miss you in kindergarten. Here are a few pictures from our first week back. 

This was the example the students used to make their own snowflake from toothpicks and packing peanuts. When they finished they had to use the picture to draw a snowman step-by-step.

Making a snowflake from toothpicks and packing peanuts.

Counting out the sounds in the word. Students add one "marshmallow" to the cup of "hot chocolate" for each sound in the word. This is great phoneme segmentation practice for our upcoming DIBELS test.

Rhyming snowmen

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