Saturday, March 3, 2012

Daddy Days, Dr. Seuss, and Presidents! Week Twenty Five and Twenty Six

Sorry about missing a week of updating our blog but I have had a difficult time taking pictures and teaching 
 now that Ms. Smith has gone to first grade! Week Twenty Five we learned about President's Day and famous people connected to the holiday.    Week Twenty Six was Dr. Seuss and Daddy Days. We had lots of fun reading Dr. Seuss books and making Oobleck! Check out the pictures below of our fun times. Emma's dad also came to Daddy Day but I didn't get his picture before he had to go to work! Thanks for everyone who came it was great!

This is a coin prediction sheet we used in our science and literacy center. I found this online at Kindergarten Hoppenings blog. She has the greatest stuff for free!

Will is testing his predictions about the coins!

Hunter and his Dad.

Caden and his Dad.

Will and his Dad.

Kaleigha with Mom and Peyton (Dad had to Work). We are glad mom came!

Sierra and her Dad. (Her mom and brother and cousin came too but they didn't get in the picture)

Gladis and Sherlin working on "Thing" hats for Hat Day. Thanks to Mrs. Henderson for this great idea!

 Hunter, Caden, and Deion working on the hats.

Brissa, Rebeca, and Yesica hard at work!

Will and Alberto coloring headbands for their hats.

Finally the last group working on the hats! Eidan, Kaleigha, Sierra, Ismael  and Jordy. Emma and Jesus made hats too but they were unavailable for pictures at this time!

Our finished hats! They did a great job!

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