Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week Twenty Four- Valentines, Jack Hartmann, Career Day and ANOTHER New Student!

We have had a SUPER busy week at BSLK! On Monday Ms. Smith's supervisor came to watch us and see what a good job we had done in teaching her all about kindergarten! He has impressed of course! We had our Valentine exchange and party on Tuesday. (I was absent on Tuesday so no pictures of the party). Thursday we had our field trip to see Jack Hartmann. He is the most wonderful children's singer! After the concert he came to Big Spring Lake and visited each classroom! We had an unexpected addition to our classroom on Thursday when we added our new student Alberto! Friday was career day at Big Spring Lake and it was the best career day ever! We are sad to say that Monday will the last day we get to have Ms. Smith because she is moving to first grade. We will miss her so much. She is a great teacher. Here are some pictures of our week.

Our new student Alberto

Ms. Smith and the kiddos waiting for Jack to begin.
Watching Jack sing.

Jack Hartmann in concert!

Some of the teachers performing on stage with Jack. ( Mrs. Ables is third from the left! )

Singing along with Jack!

Moving along with the songs!

Jack Hartmann in our classroom. (There are more kiddos in this picture but I cut their heads off) I will try to get a better picture of our class with him posted later.

Future Firefighters!

Construction Workers.


Chef Hunter at work!

Medical Staff.

Doctors  in action!

Dr. Sherlin is ready!

Hard at work preparing something yummy to eat!

Firefighter Caden

Deion is ready to deliver the mail!

Working at the bank.

State Trooper Will!

This was a Nurse who spoke to us about careers.

Policeman is a career we all love!

Standing by the police car. We had a chance to sit in the back. We promised Mrs. Ables that this would be the only tjme we were ever in the back of a police car!

Assistant D.A. Mr. Floyd spoke.

Nitro's partner

K9 policeman Nitro

Nitro meeting the kiddos.

This is a brave policeman dressed as a bad guy!

Nitro in action!

Getting ready to attack!

Being models for the photographer!

Looking pretty for the photographer!

The mail jeep!


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