Monday, November 28, 2011

Week Fourteen Pow Wow, Feast, and Little Red Riding Hood!

We had a great week before our Thanksgiving Vacation! I am just now getting to post the pictures. We learned about Native Americans and Pilgrims, we went to see a play about Little Red Riding Hood and we had a Pow Wow!! Our Pow Wow was made extra special because we were visited by the members of the local Cherokee Tribe. They brought lots of cool artifacts and we learned lots about Native Americans. We also had another wonderful surprise. We have a new student. Her name is Sabrina. Now we have nine boys and nine girls! Check out the pictures of our great week below!

This was our science and literacy center. The students were able to touch a real rabbit skin and use paper bags and crayons to pretend to make Native American picture writing. They also had a slingshot to practice "shooting" a paper turkey for Thanksgiving!

Getting ready to "shoot" a turkey!
Anna Beth, Jorge, and Rebeca eating our Thanksgiving Feast!

Deion, Jesus, Emma, & Yesica eating our Feast!

Jordy, Sabrina, Kaleigha & Eidan eating our Feast.

Will, Gladis, Hunter & Jeremias eating our Feast!
A sample of our feast. We had popcorn, grapes, apples, oranges and apple juice. Yum Yum!!
Our new student. Sabrina!! Yeah!!!

One of the many Native American friends who were so kind to teach us about their history!! Thanks so much!

One more thing I am thankful for is my little dog Molly! She is dressed and ready for Thanksgiving

Five fat turkeys are we!

Five more fat turkeys are we!

Five more fat turkeys!

Three fat turkeys are we!

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