Friday, December 9, 2011

Week Sixteen

We have been very busy this week learning about how other countries celebrate the Christmas season. Each day we have gotten a letter from our Gingerbread friend Gingy. He tells us all about the places he has visited and we usually read a book or story about the country and make something related to the way that country celebrates. Our next door teacher Mrs. Henderson and I have had a great time learning all about Gingy and his travels. We have also had fun with our elf on the shelf Chippy. So far this week he has left us suckers, and stickers. He also has played tricks on us. Tuesday morning all the chairs were turned upside down and red ornaments were thrown all over the floor! Wednesday morning we found our room rolled with bathroom paper and today we found Christmas ribbon all over the tables!

Monday morning Chippy brought suckers for us!

This was how we found our classroom on Wednesday morning. You can see Chippy hiding on top of the shelf in the corner of this picture!

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